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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exciting and Busy Week Ahead

So hopefully this week will end as great as it started.

I got an email from the music director for the Lord Leebrick Theater Production of Avenue Q confirming a time to audition for the clarinet and alto saxophone parts in the pit orchestra.  I cannot convey how excited that made me.  I went around all day yesterday just walking on air. I also got an email from the Eugene Symphonic Band asking me to come and play audition to be in their group. YAY!

Now for the interesting part. I was able to get the pit parts for Avenue Q and I started practicing them on Erica's alto and I'm kind of out of practice on saxophone. It's not like I can't play the part, I can, but I think that it sounds loud and choppy. I have a couple days to work on my saxophone chops before the audition but I'm starting to worry about whether or not my saxophone skills are up to par for a gig like this.  So my goals for the next two days are to go to work and practice. I need to find a way to sweeten up the sound I'm getting on the alto. Right now I think it sounds too loud and honky.  It'll take some getting used to for sure. I really want this gig!!!  Oh well if I don't get this one then there is always the Eugene Symphonic Band.

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