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So here is my new agenda for the time being: Work, Save and Research. That is the plan.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exciting and Busy Week Ahead

So hopefully this week will end as great as it started.

I got an email from the music director for the Lord Leebrick Theater Production of Avenue Q confirming a time to audition for the clarinet and alto saxophone parts in the pit orchestra.  I cannot convey how excited that made me.  I went around all day yesterday just walking on air. I also got an email from the Eugene Symphonic Band asking me to come and play audition to be in their group. YAY!

Now for the interesting part. I was able to get the pit parts for Avenue Q and I started practicing them on Erica's alto and I'm kind of out of practice on saxophone. It's not like I can't play the part, I can, but I think that it sounds loud and choppy. I have a couple days to work on my saxophone chops before the audition but I'm starting to worry about whether or not my saxophone skills are up to par for a gig like this.  So my goals for the next two days are to go to work and practice. I need to find a way to sweeten up the sound I'm getting on the alto. Right now I think it sounds too loud and honky.  It'll take some getting used to for sure. I really want this gig!!!  Oh well if I don't get this one then there is always the Eugene Symphonic Band.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

In need of Musicking!!!!

Okay, so I love my new job.  So why is it that I feel extremely restless and frustrated.

I know why.  Because I need to be making music.

So I have put some feelers out there for some shows that will be opening soon to play in the pit orchestra. Avenue Q will be playing at the Lord Leebrick Theatre soon and hopefully I'll be auditioning to play the reed book in that show next week. Into the Woods is opening soon at Gallery in McMinnville but Seth, the former music director for that show, moved to Portland so I'm not sure if they will be using a pit. :(

But I am trying to get  myself in the music community here in Eugene, it's just a bit difficult I guess.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I was right!

So my last blog said that it was going to be a great week and so far it is.

Yesterday I played with the American Metropole Orchestra for the Mel Brown Jazz Camp. I love playing with this group! It is so awesome to be on the same stage with some awesome musicians.  Now I just need to get my saxophone chops back and I'll be good to go for next time.

I also just want to point out that some of the music that we played was original and that I really loved "Rain Samba" by Cassio Vianna.   If he ever releases his songs on an album I'll buy it. Especially if Sherry sings.

I also know that I really want to buy the game that Eric,  Courtney and Joseph keep playing, but I need an xbox 360 to play it. Boo. I'll get one eventually.  Just after I pay bills, get health insurance, fix my car, and all the 101 things I have to do before I buy fun stuff. :(  Oh well.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Interesting Weekend...Great Week to Come!

Oh man.  What a weekend.

So I went up to Monmouth to help Courtney and Joseph move.  I feel so bad for them right now. The rental company that they got the apartment from made a big stink over getting the deposit on time and whatever, but when Courtney and Joseph got there the place hadn't been cleaned.  At all. Eww.

But good news comes even after an event like that. I have a gig that will pay on Tuesday. YAY! The music is so much fun. I should play saxophone more often, it's really fun.

I also got good news at my work today. I got a new chair, a key and my hand stamped at the courthouse, which is huge.  Yeah I know it's temp for now but I think I could be here for a while at least.

So far this is a great start to the week. Lets hope that it only gets better from here.