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So here is my new agenda for the time being: Work, Save and Research. That is the plan.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The First Free Summer...I think.

So much as happened since my last entry.  It's been, what, five months. So I won't end up going to doctoral school in the fall but I think that is a good thing. I moved back in with my parents (not sure how I feel about that just yet).  And I got a new job, which I love so far.

So my plan goes something like this.

Take a break

I fully intend on having fun this summer but I also want to do some soul searching too.

I know that I love to play and I know that I love to research so I think that this summer is the best time to find a way to balance my two loves, and be more financially stable.

Practicing has been really hard so far because I feel like I'm bothering my parents. I think that I may need to find a better place to practice. I don't know where though. 

I also have been having a hard time organizing my practice time. And if you know me then that is saying something. I am usually very organized and methodical about my practice but without a specific piece to work on for a class or performance I am lost as to what to play. Maybe I need to start preparing a new piece, just for me. I don't know.

For now I think that I will take a break from research for another week or two. Get my priorities in order.  Practice more.  Take a break.