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Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving Along

So maybe not being in school for a while will do me some good. I got a call from George Fox and I have a paid gig to play for a vocal students senior recital, which is exciting. I'm also playing for a recording at WOU, so maybe it's not so bad. If I network more and do more to get my name out there and get students maybe I can make a name for myself.  Who knows maybe I'll even do more performing.

I hope though that in being away from school I don't loose sight of my goals. I hope that maybe I'll find a topic that I research and write about. Maybe I should take some community classes. I don't know.  I seem a tad unfocused when I'm not in school. 

I hope that I can get back on track.  Not only is my musical career suffering at this point but I'm also starting to see a change in my weight, and not for the better.  I think that not knowing my place in this world is starting to wear on me.  I am grateful that I have a job that I enjoy but I am confused because I'm not sure what I have to offer the musical community. 

I've been thinking of setting up informal interviews with my past teachers and seeing if they have an opinion about my situation.  I hope that I can get this straightened around. I don't want to be living a life without a focused musical outlet.

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